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Costa Rican Coffee Growers Diversify for Profit

One of my favorite coffees is Costa Rican Coffee.  I do enjoy most Latin American coffees though. When I read about the difficulties the Costa Rica estates were having it gave me concern. When coffee growers cannot make a profit, they go out of business and have to abandon the estate.  These estates are not […]

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Opening A Coffee Shop Successfully Requires Planning

If you wanted to improve your likelihood of opening a coffee shop, what kind of information do you think you might want? You are probably going to want to know why some were successful and others failed. What I am suggesting is you learn from other people’s mistakes, right?  Why do I talk about failure […]

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Fresh Roast Coffee

Fresh roast coffee is fabulous.  When I travel, I am on the lookout for a place to stop for a cup or a bag of fresh roasted coffee. Fresh Roast Coffee is Big Business. According to Hoovers, there are over 20,000 coffee shops in the USA alone. This represents about $10 billion in revenue. With over […]

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